Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Feb 23rd

We went to Hotel Nikko for a fun day in the sun with some friends of ours. We all had a blast. Here is several photos from our day...

Ryland watching everyone pass by.
Tyler posing with his "costume" on. It's a life vest/suit thingamajig but it has Power Rangers on it so that's why he's wearing it. He normally fights me when I put a life vest on him. Whatever works!
Me and the girls, Jen and Kris, lounging by the pool. After a day at the pool Logan had to do swim lessons. Here he is with Coach Mel. After a few minutes of being in the pool everyone had to get out because someone did something in the pool that they shouldn't have!Logan reading to his Ty.
Codie decided to come and get the frisbee from Ryland.
Tug of War!
Playtime w/ bub.
Posing for the camera.