Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Random Photos

Here's just a few random photos taken over the last few days. Nothing much going on here but that won't stop me from updating my blog! I feel an overwhelming sadness when I think of all the family and friends in the states that we miss. I know some of you feel the same so my hope is to make you feel sort of like you're here even though you're not. Logan is having a great time in school lately. He did go through a rough period for a while when he was having some separation anxiety but I think it was due to the Christmas break and being home all that time. Now he's doing great and he's taken up tennis at school. Tyler is mello as usual. He likes hanging with mom during the day but really looks forward to when Logan comes home. Ryland has started rolling over and gets the biggest kick out of it. The look on his face is priceless when he does it. He's so impressed with himself! Chris is doing well, staying busy, busy, busy with his job as the Legal representative for the hospital as well as his usual job of supply. We're looking forward to the summer to see if he makes the next rank and then we can get an idea of where we will head next. We want to come back to the states but always keep our options open...I'm thinking Europe! WOO HOO! I've always wanted to travel there. As for myself, just battling strep throat that I've had for a week, untreated. I finally got on antibiotics and am slowly starting to feel better.

Did you know that Japanese can fly? Well only when they are parasailing!
Daddy and Tyler
The neighborhoodlums...they look like a little gang!
Chris said that it looks like Ryland is stuck between two pillows....thanks a lot Chris!