Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun day at Tarza Waterpark

This is Logan's classmate, Olivia (also our neighbor), she invited us to Tarza to celebrate her 6th birthday with her. We had a great time playing on the water slides and the lazy river. Logan and Tyler could not get enough of the slides. Tyler was particularly fond of the fast one...little daredevil!

Happy Birthday Olivia!
Ryland was able to get in on the action today. He enjoyed floating around the lazy river with mommy in his baby float.
Here's my two little fishies. Logan has become accustomed to the pose that Japanese do when taking pictures.
Here's Logan and Dad on his first time down the fast slide. You can see a bit of the terror on his face if you look closely! This is the slide that Tyler wanted to go on again and again. I took him and of course we completely flipped off the tube. He still wanted to go on it again...even after he floated away when he was with me!
He liked this slide but it wasn't fast enough for him. He kept saying...I want the big one!!