Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Great Duck Race and Cardboard Boat Regatta

Today was a fun day for the boys. We walked down to the marina where there was a duck and cardboard boat race. For the duck race, the kids had to register for a duck and each got a necklace with a mini duck sporting their number. I think that the kids liked the necklace more than the idea of the race. Logan was worried that he was going to have to do something like throw the duck the furthest and Tyler just wanted his duck that was going to be in the race. It took a bit of coaxing to get them to participate but they eventually did and enjoyed it.

Shortly after that there was the cardboard boat regatta. It was pretty funny seeing grown men rowing a cardboard box all taped up with duct tape. The rowed as fast as they could to the buoy and back with hopes that the boats wouldn't sink. I think the first one went down in a flash. There was one made by a dad and his kids were the rowers. They did great and since they were so light, their boat never sunk. Jen and I are talking about doing it next year for the kids and having Chris be the adult to accompany them....Chris isn't too happy about that.

All in all we had a great time hanging out with friends, getting faces painted, enjoying ice cream shakes and big blowup jumpies. Below are some pictures from today and more are in the web album.

Logan and Emma playing by the water. It's such a beautiful blue.
Tyler, Jack and Haven enjoying a snack....when there's food around you'll usually find Tyler begging for some!
Emma and Kate playing in a box with Jack and Logan looking on. It's funny what kids decide to entertain themselves with even amongst all this action!
Adam, Logan and Tyler after getting faces painted and balloon art. Tyler's sword was popped right before this pic was taken...oops! My fault!
This is probably the only picture that was taken of the baby since he was asleep for most of the event. I know Theresa is probably going to kill me for putting this on here but HAPPY BIRTHDAY THERESA! Today was her birthday. :-)