Friday, February 22, 2008

Chapel Friday

I brought Logan to school today and got the pleasure of seeing part of their Chapel Fridays. It was a lot of fun listening to their worship music. Tyler had a blast dancing with the preschoolers. Makes me wonder if putting him in preschool now would be a good idea or if I should just wait until next school year. I have more videos but they are too big to upload. The one in the web album is of Tyler dancing with one of the students, Jordan. The little boy towards the end is the son of a woman Chris works with. He is so funny. He wanted me to take a picture of his Crocs and then told his crocs to Say Cheese!

On Thursday I entered my lighthouse painting into a art exhibit for women of the island. A lady that I go to church with asked me to put it in so they could have a representative from the military. I hemmed and hawed over a week and finally decided to do it. As people say, you are your worst critic and I am not happy with it but I'm entering it anyways. I've also got some photographs that I'm entering as well. The opening ceremony is next friday night. It's a cocktail party....can't remember the last time I've been to one of those! That means that I can get a little dressed up! It's going to be at the Infiniti Art Gallery.....aka the Nissan dealership!! HAHA! Only on Guam!

Tyler and Haven

Doesn't his feet look huge?! It's just the way I took the picture.
Logan with his classmates, Bianca and Olivia.