Thursday, January 3, 2008


On Wednesday Chris had the day off so we used that opportunity to get Ryland a passport. When it comes in I'll take a picture of the picture (make sense?) because it is so funny. The lady taking the picture said (in my best japanese accent) HE KEEP MOVING! Chris said...HE's THREE MONTHS! It took us almost two hours at the passport office. That was FUN with three boys. We decided to go to the tourist section of Guam for lunch at TGI Fridays. We stopped at Hotel Nikko (see below) because we are going to get a membership there to use the facilities. There is a great big waterslide that Logan is anxious to use.

Just a small part of the tourist section. We tend to avoid this usually because it's packed with tourists. There is a lot of stares and pointing (and a few pictures taken of the boys) because we have a little blonde boy with blue eyes. Poor Ryland has those great big blue eyes so I'm sure he'll be an object of fascination for them too. I guess it's not something that they see every day so the Japanese usually stop us and "admire" Tyler. He doesn't like it too much and Logan is all too willing to pose for them.

Here I am looking all tired and serious. Spending almost two hours trying to keep the boys occupied in the passport office took it's toll I guess.

Can you tell that Chris is high energy at the moment? Well maybe it's because I HAD THE BOYS in the van with me while he waited in a nice air conditioned building! haha!

Tyler and Captain Mustard!