Sunday, January 13, 2008

Morrison Happenings...

On Friday we had awards chapel at Logan's school. He got two awards, one for outstanding reading and the other for best helper. Yeah Logan!

Ryland was quiet as a mouse during the ceremony...of course that's because he fell asleep right after this picture was taken!
Here's Logan and Tyler with Logan's award. Tyler had to go up with his brother to accept the award. He thinks he's in Logan's class!On Saturday we went to Hotel Nikko and spent the day at the pool. Our friend's, The Miller family, met us there and we all had lunch at the NASTY buffet there but it was free with the membership. Just glad that we didn't have to pay for it. All of the adults took turns going down the slide that was at the pool. I have to admit I did scream going down the first time but was ready to go on it as soon as I got out. Logan wasn't ready to brave the slide but I'm sure he'll be up for it next time since he saw how much fun we all had. Tyler is game for it but he's too small.

Here's the boys all resting after a long swim in the pool. Afterwards the scoured the grounds for the many lizards that like to hang around.
Here's Aaron enjoying Guam's finest shaved ice. It actually has ice cream in the middle! I had watermelon and cantaloupe flavor and it was SO good. Poor Aaron...I should make everyone sign a disclaimer before they hang out with me..."Warning: You will eventually have your picture taken and appear on my blog."
Here's Carrie the Caraboa...or at least that's what I call her. Her owner takes her up and down Marine Corps Drive all the time for walks. I've seen someone walk a dog, I've even seen someone walk a horse...but a CARABOA?!?!
Unfortunately my camera's battery went dead before I could document our bike ride today. Logan rode his bike and Ty & Ry rode in the bike trailer behind Chris. We put the toddler helmet on Ryland and he was NOT happy. I did get a picture of it but haven't uploaded it yet. We had a great time going on the old flight line because the wind was blowing, the sun was setting and the temp was perfect. I had a good time getting my exercise in today!