Thursday, January 24, 2008

Coco, the Coconut Crab

Today Chris brought a present home. This "little" guy was found near his work. He decided to bring him home to show us. He even asked me if I wanted to keep him as a pet...he must have lost his mind! That thing snapped a pencil in half earlier...don't want it near me! We traveled around the neighborhood showing people and then ended up releasing him near the old flight line. My friend Theresa decided to stick a Pampered Chef bamboo utensil in there to poke it and he grabbed it! He eventually let go but there was noway we were going to get it out of his iron grip. It had a hold of a twig that Chris stuck in there and I made the mistake of pulling up on it. Well he grabbed the side of the garbage can with his little claw and wouldn't let go!! I started screaming and Chris grabbed the twig. I had to run into the garage and get a golf club so I could push it back into the garbage can. I pushed with all of my might and he eventually let go. I was so freaked out after that. I had no idea what those things did when released so I was imagining it snapping a few of the kid's toes off.

The underbelly is a beautiful blue. That's about the only nice thing I can say about this creature.

Here's a neighbor/coworker/friend of our's, Dave, holding it up for the kids to see. It actually has a hold of iron rod.
This is Tyler running away from it screaming because it moved (while in the garbage can). He's not a fan of crabs.
Here's a friend of mine, Kris's little girl, Emma with the boys. She is not your typical girly girl...she can keep up with the boys. They love it when she comes over.
Here's Emma's baby sister, Kate. She is the sweetest little baby. I volunteer at Logan's school every thursday and we do some fun stuff. Today we played all kinds of outdoor games. We all had a blast. Here are a few of Logan's friends.

Note: More "lovely" pictures of the crab in the web album.