Monday, January 7, 2008

On Vacation...for an afternoon!

Well we ended up getting the membership this weekend and we are really glad we did. It felt like we were on vacation! It's fun to drive 20 minutes down the road and hang out at a resort. Not sure that you can do that in the states so I guess it's another thing that is unique to Guam. The baby's first playtime in the pool was a success! He loved it and kept kicking his little legs in the water. He was so wiggly and wanted to follow the boys so bad. He's been a wiggle worm since birth! I remember the dr saying "Wow, he sure is wiggly!" as soon as he was born. The boys had a great time and Logan made a friend, a little Japanese girl that didn't understand a word of english. Logan kept asking me "Why isn't she telling me her name??".

Here's a front view of the hotel, close up.

Little things excite us here on Guam. I'm sure you see plenty of new restaurants in the states, but when we get a new restaurant here the whole island shows up! This restaurant has been open for a month and has been packed every night!