Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mr. Mischief

I let the boys help me with breakfast this morning. Mr. Mischief here thought he would continue making the glaze for me. I turned my back for one second and found this....

Yesterday he swiped a bag of pita bread from the counter and tore it open. I found pita rounds strewn all over the floor with little bites taken from them. He apparently was using Logan as target practice for a frisbee throwing contest.

Below are some pictures that I took last night. This is a very common scene here. I've never seen such beautiful sunsets than I have here on Guam.


MOM said...

I am still laughing about the morning you have had. One day you will also look back and laugh...I like the way you have set this up. The music is cool. You Shelley and Tina are very patient to do this stuff.....I am having fits just trying to help Marty do his inspection work...that man can frustrate the devil out of you on the computer....I have been saying where are those darn kids when I need the the lonelies just a tiny bit.