Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Week of Giving--Part I

We have been SO busy this past week that I'm almost looking forward to Christmas GOING rather than coming! I'm going to have to break this out in multiple posts because I have so much to share. We'll start with Tuesday:

Logan's school provided entertainment and food for the homeless. They sang Christmas carols and handed out hot meals along with snacks for them to take. There was also donations of clothing. It was incredible to see the influx of people that were homeless. I saw a lot with mental disabilities as well as physical disabilities. They were like lost souls roaming the earth. My heart really went out to them.

On Wednesday, our friends John, Rocki and their son, Jeremy came by with presents (cool matchbox cars with buildings) for the boys. They were thrilled and have not stopped playing with them. I'm digging Ryland's stuffed guinea pig...I've never seen one of those's so cute! The Brown girls would love it!