Saturday, December 22, 2007

Week of Giving--Part II

Tyler goes to the CDC (on base daycare) twice a week. He went regularly when I was pregnant/sick and has formed quite the bond with his teachers and the students. Plus it gives mom a needed break for errand running! On Friday they had a Christmas around the world party. Tyler's class represented Thailand. If you notice the hat that he's wearing in the pics in the photo album they are similar to hats worn in Thailand. He made all of the hats for his friends too...he loves crafts! The kids all did a book exchange also. Below is a picture of the gift that I gave to his teachers. I really like this plant (forgot the name of it) but if you plant it in full sun the leaves will turn pink! If you look close you already see them starting to turn colors. I planted one of these in my backyard.

Here is Tyler with his teachers, Ms. "Nette" and Ms. Rosie...missing is Ms. Joleen (we missed you!). Logan...who never wants his picture taken, had to jump in on this one. ;-P
See the album for a video of the show they gave the parents.