Saturday, December 8, 2007

Around the Island

This is something we like to call Engrish. Read VERY carefully and REMEMBER you can not enter the 2 floor without your costume!
Yep this is a beach resort..."Guam Style".

Notice the lovely tables for you to enjoy your lunch under the hot, I mean, beautiful Guam sun!

Our lunch at the family style restaurant, VIP House. My new favorite is Walnut Shrimp. It is SO good. The shrimp is fried and tossed in a light sweet cream sauce with walnuts. See more pics of our day in the photo album.


MOM said...

Well I have seen places like that on the beach in FL and NC but they were not resorts...just owners with little or no money for finer accomadations and who are now wealthy land owners for the most part. The picture from when you were at lunch makes me laugh because Tyler looks like he wants to say GET OFF ME!!!!! I like Logans hair like it is right now.
I did say I am not prejudice right??? lol.....Love You All

Robb & Shelley said...

LMBO! I love the bar name! Thanks!!! Those boys are too funny! Ryland smiles a lot and that is awesome! Happy babies are the best babies!!!! Oh yeah and I don't want a reservation to that resort....LOL I have some pics of the big island I will be posting. You guys may want to go there when you visit in May. There is a Military resort on the volcano. Pretty neat!