Saturday, December 22, 2007

Week of Giving--Part III

Saturday started off with a trip to see Santa at the exchange. Yes, for those of you wondering, he is a chamorran Santa! The boys weren't at all frightened like past years. I think they figured out that this big guy with a beard actually gives them things! Logan has received several candy canes this year and it's a matter of 2 minutes before he drops/breaks them. He then has a fit. I say this because it has happened SO many times that it's become comical...not to him of course.
Later on in the afternoon we delivered toys and clothes to needy families in a village at the north of the island. We only managed to get a few pics taken because we didn't want to offend anyone. I wish that we could have captured the squalor that these poor people lived in. I saw some houses but a lot of them lived in makeshift houses made from corrugated tin roofing for walls.

This picture was of Logan and Tyler on a mission to find some boys to take the presents from our van. We had the van loaded with presents for boys but everyone was very timid and we almost had to lure them over. Once they got the idea that we were giving them toys then they started coming by the group load. The image in my head of the joyful faces will live with me for a long time. I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to share in this experience as well as teach the boys that it's important to help the less fortunate. I've been blessed abundantly in my life and I feel that the Lord expects me to be a good steward of those blessings such as giving whenever I can of time and money. (Note: For those that have never been to Guam, yes, those are boonie dogs in the picture. They are stray dogs that live all around the island. Thankfully these were friendly!)

Next we come to the evening time... This is when all the FUN began. We went to Andersen Air Force Base to take part in the Rota Walk. It's a street on base where every single house is decorated. A lot of people give out treats, toys, etc to the passing children.

Now this is weird and my husband tells me I sound like a stalker but I recognized a woman who does a blog that I visit regularly. I told her I saw her blog and I think I stunned her. I swear I'm not a stalker!

There was one particular house that had an airplane fly overhead and drop candy down to the waiting children. I've got pics of it in the album. We had a very scary moment though. My friend's little boy got lost and we were looking for him for about a half an hour. That was a heart stopping 30 minutes but he was found safe and sound...thank God!


Chet said...

Looking at the first picture of Logan walking down the street of lights at night time I thought he lost his leg..... Just kidding, cute picture though.
Seriously though, Amy, I'm straight up impressed that you help all these people just out of your heart. So many people take a lot of things for granted this time of year and if more people were like you and Chris things would run a lot smoother. To you it may just be something that made you feel good by seeing smiling faces but maybe some other people saw you doing this nice gesture and it impacted them to maybe help a little more as well. All I'm saying is damn good job.
I'll talk to you later. Have a great rest of your holiday season and merry Christmas.

Luv ya,