Monday, December 29, 2008

The Last December

I had to bring the boys to the beach today because it's December and I won't be able to a year from now. In fact, the more I think about it, I've got a lot of "lasts" that I need to get started on. I think I'm going to call it my "Last List". Gosh now that I type that it sounds a bit morbid. Ok well maybe not that title but you get the picture. Oh and speaking of pictures, here are a couple "lasts" for the month of December.

Our last trip to the beach in DECEMBER!

Our last ride on the double decker bus to see the Christmas lights in Tumon. Oh and this is not Logan startled. This is Logan ACTING startled. I see an academy award in his future.
The last cheezer grin aboard the double decker bus! This picture, on the other hand, was not an act. This is really how excited my lil man was to be up on top of a bus!
Waiting for the double decker bus. This is definitely a last. It took us 30 MINUTES to catch this bus!
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