Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Faux" Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday, the Ramirez kids joined us in making gingerbread houses. They were actually graham crackers that I glued together with melted sugar since I didn't have the time to make umpteen million sheets of gingerbread (although I might try that next year!). We had tons of candy as you can see by the picture below. My kids hardly ate dinner that evening because of all the candy they ate! We had several very creative constructors too. I think the kids enjoyed themselves as much as I enjoyed watching them.

Mia is trying to take a nap and Ryland is coming to comfort her. Look at her little feet crossed! So cute!!

Dani and Tyler are anxious to begin but I made them stop and pose for me.
Logan being oh so careful with the decorating. He got a few things on his house and then decided it was more fun to EAT the candy then to decorate!
The final projects!
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