Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I managed to upload some videos and they are in the web album to the left. The first is of Ryland talking and the second is Logan opening a present from Grammy.


Robb & Shelley said...

Ryland is too precious for words. Again I got up to get a tissue! STUPID AMY! I love hearing Logan say OH MY GOSH! It is so cute how excited he gets. Tyler is such a cutie and so curious. I really miss you guys a bunch. I think I am just getting "homesick" for family.
We Love You Guys!!

Laurie said...

Ryland's whole face lights up when he smiles!!! He is such a handsome little boy and I can't wait to kiss those fat little cheeks!!
I'm glad Logan liked his package! Tyler was so cute sitting there watching his big brother go thru the bag!
Love and miss you guys LOTS!!
Mom in SC

MOM said...

Oh My Gosh....Ryland is so precious and so smart to be talking like that already...Looks like he responds to Tyler pretty well too. I got a chuckle out of Tyler checking out what he could take from Logan and the K Mart stuff...All I can say ..My grandsons are TOO CUTE for words..