Sunday, November 4, 2007

Coconut Crab

This was found outside a hanger on Andersen Air Force Base here on Guam. These crabs are the largest hermit crabs in the world. They can not swim but they live near the water. Their claws are so strong that they can crack a coconut(they eat the meat inside)...hence the name Coconut Crab. The locals catch these guys when they are small and keep them until they grow and eat them. I've known some people to kill them by putting them in the freezer. I think that the only way this guy was going to fit in a freezer is if it was a walk-in type! I certainly hope that I don't see one of these things when I'm walking down the street. I've seen some at night when driving but never this big. Isn't Guam interesting?!?!


Robb & Shelley said...

That is just nasty! It looks like it came from outer space or something. Holy crap! People eat those? Close your eyes and you can hear me making the gagging sound....LOL

Laurie said...

Hey....I think you should have Chris question his co-worker about that picture....seems its all over the internet...??? At any rate, I'd run pretty darn fast the other way if I saw that thing coming!!! Love, Mom in SC

Tina said...

Yes, Guam is interesting! It looks kinda gross, but I bet there's a lot of meat in it. I'd be afraid to try and catch it. Thanks for sharing. We're never to old to learn something new.