Friday, November 30, 2007

Deck the Halls

Tonight we decorated our Christmas tree...or should I say, the boys decorated it. Tyler put six balls on one branch. He had a bit of a hard time moving from that spot. I pretty much left it the way they decorated it. I figure that if I "mess up" what they did then they won't take any pride in it and won't want to do it in the years to come. I know I'm over analyzing it but whatever. That's my excuse for the tree looking the way it does! ;-P Not much in the mood to fix things anyways because I'm feeling quite melancholy after seeing all the decorations from my grandmother. There is a lot that she made for Logan and one for Tyler. I was pretty sad thinking that Ryland will never have one from her. She used to crochet the ornaments and put pictures in the center of them. Then she would glue glitter to them. They were quite tacky but I appreciate them all the more since she's gone. I miss her very much.

I let the boys put up a small lit Christmas tree in their room. Tyler kept saying, "I love my Christmas tree!!". I think that they both think that they will wake up and it will be Christmas morning. Not looking forward to that! Logan keeps asking everyone if it's Christmas yet and then complains and says that it's taking FOREVER! Poor kid....guess this is a good lesson in patience.

Just wanted to add a few things that Tyler has been saying. It's a shocker when he comes out with this stuff since he's usually the shy, quiet one.

  • We were watching a transformer video on youtube and he saw his fav "bumblebee" and said "That's what I'm talking about!".
  • He and I were driving home and I put my Ipod on the Superman theme song which he loves. He looks up into the sky and yells "Superman, Save Us!!!".
  • He says that daddy works at the hosipal.
  • He likes that 80's song "I want candy" and when someone else sings it he follows with "No you don't" in the same tune. He also has added "I want chocolate".
It's no surprise when Logan comes out with something crazy but here's the latest... He was asking me if I could have another baby and have a girl this time so he could have someone to marry. When I told him that I wasn't going to have another baby and got all sad and said "Now I won't have anyone to marry!" YIKES! Last time I checked we were NOT from West Virginia! (no offense to those that are...just a joke!!)

See a few more pictures and a video in the web album.


MOM said...

I have to tell you that Marty gets the biggest kick out of watching Tyler. Something about his actions reminds him of himself....too funny. Thanks again that was another awesome moment...Love You....All we want for Christmas is you guys......

Rebecca said...

Gracie's gonna be jealous Logan. She thought you were in love with her!

Laurie said...

To see Christmas in the eyes of a child! I so wish I could have been there to watch the boys decorate. I don't blame you for leaving Tyler's area just the way he did it, take a picture of it, that will be a memory you will look back on and smile for years to come!
Ryland is growing so fast, he is such a handsome little boy as are Logan and Tyler.
You have a very beautiful family!!
Love and miss you lots,
Mom in SC