Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Men at work

I just had to share this video since it's so cute. Tyler likes to help when we're cleaning so we shorten the handle for him.


Robb & Shelley said...

That is so cute! And you are right like father like son.....well sons! LOL And Ryland is so sweet!! I just want to hug him. :(

MOM said...

That is priceless. If Logan is still helping to clean like he was...well my friend you have your very own cleaning cool is that.....Chris your mom is so proud of you....Sorry the cleaning obession was past down to my thank you so much for doing these pictures and the videos. It makes the sting of having you all so far away, a bit easier. Keep them coming....What a sweet baby Ryland is..I hope he is saving his sugar like Logan...Mamaw could just eat him up..Love You

Laurie said...

I cannot believe Tyler!! Pulling chairs out and cleaning the floor and then putting them back! What 2 year old would do that? He is so cute and looks like he takes his job VERY seriously!! I think Ryland is looking more and more like Logan! And what a big boy he is! Keep the videos coming! You are doing a great job!
Love and miss you, Mom in SC