Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Fiesta time again!

The annual end-of-fiscal-year fiesta for Chris's work was today. It was at the same beach that it was at last year for Napu's(Ryland) Christening. Good food, good fun, all in all, a good time!

Me and my new friend, the cast. We're already not getting along. It's hot and itchy.
Ry had had enough by this point. We had to lock him in the stroller.
Chris and the Chiefs.
Here's the coconut that fell from the tree and came inches from hitting me in the head. Instead it breezed by my head, hit the ground and bounced up to hit my leg. I was very lucky. I've heard that people die every year from falling coconuts.
Isabel and Logan walking along the beach.
The LTs. (missing: LT Lang)
Ryland wanted to help.
More pics in the album.