Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A sad goodbye

Playgroup was at my house today and I had a chance to say an early good bye to my very good friends, Lauren and Kris. They are both leaving while I'll be in HI.

Lauren was the first person that I met here on Guam. She was so friendly and introduced herself while we were moving in. From that moment I thought..."I want to be just like her!". She's very outgoing and approachable. She is such a go-getter where I'm the type to hem and haw over things before I do them. She has been such a support for me, a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. She has a spirited child like my Logan so she's also a good person to go to for advice.

I met Kris in August of last year. She was selling Pampered Chef at a party for my friend, Theresa. I soon learned that I would be moving just a few houses down from her. We've grown very close and have shared so many laughs. She definitely has got the same wit and sense of humor as I do. I don't find that often so if I meet someone that isn't afraid to laugh out loud, I call that person friend!!

I will miss these ladies very much. They have each added a different dynamic to my life that will be hard to replace. I hope to see them again but I'm sure that we will be life long friends.

Lauren, Kris, and me with our "babies", Haven, Kate and Ryland (they really are friends even though they don't look like it here!!)