Saturday, April 19, 2008

Logan's Science Project

We completed Logan's science project today. Let's just say that it was never my best subject, in fact the thought of it brings back memories of report cards with "D's" on it. I enlisted the help of Chris's stepmom, Shirley, who had a wonderful idea of getting 3 aquariums and putting an equal amount of shrimp then taping different colored paper to each one and monitoring their activity level. It's a great idea but I would end up spending a fortune on the aquariums since Dollar General is nowhere on Guam! *sigh* I miss that place.

Anyhow, we settled for something much more economically friendly...bubble gum! Logan is a big fan of it so I followed Shirley's advice and made it fun for him. I did the artwork (something I'm A LOT more comfortable with) and Chris did the computer stuff plus did the bubble blowing.

Hard at work on his very first science project!
I'll update the blog after the Science fair on Friday.