Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Logan's first day of school

Monday was Logan's first day of kindergarten. He was so excited. He has been talking about this all summer and was anxious to get started doing his school work. Wonder when that will end?!?
Tyler wanted to get in on the action too. Prying that lunchbox out of his hands was a nightmare! He did not want to leave when we dropped Logan off and asked all day where Logan was. We are having some quality time together before the baby is born and I'm enjoying every minute of it.
This is Mrs. Sablan, Logan's teacher. He absolutely loves her although you can't tell from this photo. He was pretty sick of me taking pictures and fussing over him. He wanted me to leave! I guess it's better than him crying for me! He already has a friend in his class that he's known since we've been here. He's not fond of any of the fact, he does not like girls AT ALL right now. Mrs. Sablan is so patient with him and corrects him with lots of love. She's been doing this for years and knows exactly how to approach it. I'm so thankful that Logan has such a loving teacher. I just know that he is going to learn so much from her both academically as well as good behavior.


Laurie said...

I can't believe it!!! He looks all grown up! Hopefully, he'll always love school! I love the way he hugs Tyler, practically choking him. hahah....Love and miss you guys lots! Mom in SC

MOM said...

Wow seems like just yesterday it was Chris going to school for the first time......Love the precious look of Logan's face it the third picture........Love You All and Miss you...MOM