Friday, August 31, 2007

Logan & Tyler with the Police

Man, I wish I had my camera yesterday! We went to a restaurant here on base that is located at a marina. We saw a boat come in that just happened to be the police. The police officer came up to order some dinner and Logan and Tyler just looked at him in awe. They both started waving and the man came over to our table. He offered to take them on the boat so they could see the lights and honk the horn. Of course they were thrilled. After we finished eating we went down to the boat. They brought the boys onboard and showed them around. Logan was totally in his element. They honked the horn and were so excited. Logan even tried to grab for the guys gun!!! (Good GRIEF!!) They had a blast but of course I didn't have a camera with me.

Update on the baby: I'm 38 weeks (as of Sunday, 2nd) and the baby is measuring pretty big...what else is new with my babies, right? I am currently going to the doctor twice a week for a non-stress test and a fluid check. They have scheduled an induction for Monday, the 10th unless I go into labor on my own before then.


MOM said... big those eyes must have been. How exciting for them. Sorry you didn't have your camara. It's like your American Express card "never leave home without it".
I think Ryland has decided he likes it in there and may stay for another week....sorry Mom....
Love You and Oh how I wish we were there right now.......

WeR2buzy said...

This is so exciting! I'll be praying, as usual for all of you. We are wishing you smooth sailing with the delivery and all the after math. So this one is named Ryland? Cool!
Wish we could see you all more. Thanks for the blogging, I love trying to keep up with you all. Tina