Monday, July 30, 2007


This is a Chilean Naval ship, Esmerelda that was in port for a little over a week. It is the second tallest ship in the world. Chris and Logan took a tour of it, or actually, went on deck. They were not allowed below deck. This ship is all lit up at night. I wish that my pics came out of it at night because it was beautiful. The Chilean sailors marched in the Liberation day parade but we missed it because left too early. Everyone said how cool it was because they march with straight legs...personally that kinda reminds me of the Nazi days! Check out the other pics in the picasa album. Instead of a mermaid on the front of the ship they have sort of chicken! haha!


MOM said...

Logan is getting taller from one picture to the next. By the time you guys get back here he will be taller than both of his

laurie1111 said...

Wow!!! That ship is amazing!! I'll bet Logan loved it! I sure do miss everyone! I mailed your package today and they said you should get it in 3-5 days....(yeah right)...but, hope you do!! Love, Mom in SC

The Grys' said...

Great pics! That ship is awesome. Makes me miss you guys every time I look at the pics. Logan is getting so big. Love you all!

Shell Shell