Thursday, July 22, 2010

Confessions of a Snail Killer

We've had a fish tank for several months now. We've filled it with multiple fish and two snails that the boys have each picked out. Several fish have died and now we are down to three. The snails were thriving, or so I thought. I found one of the snails, Gary floating at the top of the tank. I thought to myself, Oh we go again. The boys will be crushed. I plucked Gary out of the tank before I could arise suspicion from the little ones and chucked him across the golf course behind our house. They were none the wiser.

Until the second snail started to float a few days later. Ugh. What was going on with the aquarium or it's keeper? It was like the death trap for all things aquatic. I figured I would save the chucking of the snail for the morning and went to bed. When I awoke in the morning I discovered something unusual. The snail was scooting along on the bottom of the tank! Could it be true? Could he actually have just been faking his death to meet his friend in the after world?? Or was this some trick that my mind was playing on me? I observed the snail for a few days only to come to the awful conclusion that I unfortunately, had killed Gary. I think he was faking his death. Who knew that snails could actually do that or are mine just that talented? Because of Gary's little 'dead dog' act, it was his final curtain call.

That snail haunts my dreams to this day....


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