Friday, May 28, 2010

Where ART thou?

Tonight we took a trip to the Memphis Children's Theater Festival kick-off where we had encounters of the artsy kind or what Chris would say "My thing". Since it was just the kick-off and not the main event which is tomorrow, the crowd was small. We were able to have more interaction with the performers such as the man on stilts, aka, "Zeke the juggler", the acrobatic lady, the face painter, the dancer and the musicians. We played around for a bit before the performance which was the play "The Kalahoney Kids vs The Shadow Monsters". The play was great and very fast moving which held their attention. Chris and I thought it was very entertaining as well. After the performance we were treated to a cookie and milk buffet. Boy, what a spread! I wanted to take a picture with my 3 children, the octopus triplets, we had to grab and go before there was nothing left for the other patrons! After our bellies were full of sugary goodness we enjoyed the delight sounds of Out Loud Artistry (think Stomp! on a smaller scale). The boys were brought up on stage with a few other kids to show off their skillz on the dance floor. Tyler promptly went into a break dancing spin on the floor. Wish my camera was ready to catch that! We all really enjoyed ourselves and I think that this night will be talked about for weeks to come.

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