Thursday, October 8, 2009

Put your shoes on!

Over the 3 years on Guam I craved a bible study like I had in NC which was Community Bible Study. I did not spend much time in the Word while on Guam because I didn't have a bible study to really force me to get into it. I know that's not an excuse by all means, but it's mine.

By Divine Intervention, I ran into a mom at a playground a few months ago and she told me about a study geared towards moms. It turned out to be just what I needed.

We meet to discuss the book "High-Stepping in Heavenly Places" with a group of great ladies and then we break to hear the author, Jean Stockdale, speak. Let me tell you, this woman is right up there with Joyce Meyers in my book. She has a gift for public speaking and can draw you into her story as if you're two moms sitting down for coffee.

In this study we are delving into the book of Ephesians and Jean adds her "mom" twist so we can better apply it to our daily lives. One thing that sticks out for me is that Jean calls us "Beloved", a word that Paul uses several times in the New Testament. Each time she speaks that one word, it is a reminder to me how much God truly loves us. In Hebrew it actually stems from two words 'ahebh' which means "to breathe" or "to long for" and 'agapao' which means "to prefer". God "longs for" us and "prefers" us. WE are His Beloved!
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Jean Stockdale said...

Dear Amy~
Thanks for leaving me a note and for posting a blog post about the Bible study. After I asked you to handle the CDs I thought to myself "I don't know that Mom. I hope she is okay with this!!" So I was especially grateful to hear from you. Thanks for handling that for me.

What a darling family you have and Guam? I had no idea. I am thrilled God is speaking to you through the Bible study. I obviously love to encourage and inspire MOMS with the Word of God and watch them grow in grace. It is a privilege and blessing.

If you have a sec, please leave a comment on the High Stepping Blog at We are hoping to draw more Moms in. We have a bunch studying with us but we want them to comment. I think if I could get some of my MOMS to leave comments we could get more doing it.

Thanks again for your kind word. I gave out the other CDs. I will bring some more next week and see if we can coax some more MOMS to comment. Blessings.

Paula Jolly said...

I found you! I meant to ask you about that at lunch today.

I mentioned to Stephen about inviting Logan (siblings welcome too, of course) for a playdate. He's ready to schedule anytime! Let me know what works for you.

My Goodness said...

Hey girl...I love Jean Stockdale! I did two of her studies at church last year...and I met her at a Women's event we had a church, she's a joy!!

I'm glad you found a place to hang!

Side note, I did Community Bible Study for three years here...they meet in Atoka. Now I'm doing Bible Study Fellowship on Wed mornings...those two programs get DEEP in the word!!!

Hugs to you...hope we can get together soon!