Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend we went to the Casey Jones Train Museum. Have you ever heard of Casey Jones? I never had but apparently he's pretty famous and has been since his death. He crashed his engine into the back of another train over one hundred years ago but he saved everyone on board in doing so. He could have jumped off to save himself but he stayed on board to slow the train down as much as he good to save his passengers. That's quite a man. There was song written about him, movies, tv shows, and merchandise galore. I sure do hope that his descendants are benefiting from it. There is an entire village with his name on it. Below are a few pics from the museum except for the first one. The boys had AWANA tonight and they had to dress up as royalty. As a "class" project this week we made the crowns and I picked up a few shields and breastplates at the dollar store to complete the look. They really wanted to bring their swords but I didn't think that their leaders would appreciate that!

Can you tell who's into Davy Crockett?
Little man did not want to be with his brothers, he had to be by himself like a big boy.
Happy Fall!
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My Goodness said...

Looks like fun! :)