Friday, May 8, 2009

A promotion -- A Blessing

After 8 long years of service in the United States Navy, Chris was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. It was a proud moment for our family. Just 6 years ago he was promoted from Lieutenant JG to Lieutenant at a base in California. Logan was just born and was asleep in the stroller during the ceremony. Flash forward to present day, 2 more children added to the brood, Tyler removed his old boards and Logan added his new boards....while Ryland slept. Chris chose the beautiful spot of Asan Bay overlook. The area was originally chosen several months ago but my husband, the logistical thinker (he is a Logistical officer, afterall!), nixed it because he did not want to cause anyone too much trouble. He decided on the loading dock at the hospital for convience purposes because noone would have to leave the hospital. I'm so glad that he changed his mind on that one because the views were spectacular at the overlook...and in my opinion, he's worth it! ;-)

A BIG thanks to DOT for taking such beautiful photos and putting together these awesome collages!

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And after all the formalities it was time to celebrate. We went for chicken wings at Hooters and he got a tattoo! I laugh as I type this because it's such a redneck thing to do but it was actually my suggestion....does that make me a redneck? Whatever. I don't like labels. ;-P He's been saying for months that he wants to have Ryland's name tattooed on his arm underneath his family crest and the other two boys' names. He talked about putting a little latte stone next to the date because it's so Guam and we wanted to commemorate the island Ry was born on. If he waited until TN to get it, I'm not so sure they'd know what a latte stone was. Besides, he's gotten a tattoo in the state that each boy was born in...why stop now?


Navylangs said...

I'm so glad it was at Asan and the weather cooperated. It looks beautiful(That was my vote, but the QD won out)