Thursday, May 7, 2009

Farewell Fiesta

In good ol' Chamorro fashion, we had a farewell party on the beach. It was just a year and a half ago that we had Napu's (Ryland) christening and now we have come together to say goodbye. Goodbyes are never fun but MMD (Materiels Mgmt Dept) know how to make it so. We ate until we were stuffed with foods such as short ribs, dried corned beef, spicy chicken, chicken kelaguen and plenty of red rice (and white too!) w/ finadene. Chris was presented with a beautiful decorative machete set between two latte stones, a Guam seal carving and a Naval Hospital latte stone. The machete has his name (with new rank) which you can see below and the back says "Un Dangkalu Na Si Yu'os Ma'ase" (Thank you and God bless....TESS correct me if I'm wrong!). In our MMD fiesta fashion we even had a little shredding of the coconuts and coconut candy making which I missed because Ryland was done for the afternoon (meaning on his way to a meltdown!).

No, he didn't really cut the cake with it...this is just for show!
Materiels Management Department....a GREAT group of people that we will miss dearly.

Many more pictures available for your perusing in the web album. (Thanks to Rick for taking such great shots of the family!)
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