Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sights and Sounds of Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village is a must see if you're new to the island. It's an introduction to the local food, culture and craftsmanship of the Chamorro people. We had to go one last time before we leave island to pick up a carving I had made for Ryland and also to get some Guam souvenirs.

This is Chief Quipuha (which means "striving to capsize"). He was Guam's first Catholic Chief and gave the land for the first Catholic church to be built, the Dulce Nombre de Maria {Sweet Name of Mary} Cathedral Basilica in 1669. This church still stands today.

Care for a drink? Coconuts a-plenty!

Local fare

Octopus ball, anyone?

Crowds, crowds and more crowds! We're so spoiled here on Guam as this is as bad as it gets and it's not even that bad!

Bread Fruit...this is one of my favorite trees because of the unique looking fruit and beautiful, large leaves. They say that you cut it up and fry it like a potato.

This actually looks like a fake picture but it's not doctored and I did not insert Logan into it! That's the famous Chamorro village tower in the background. You can see that from the plane when you're flying in!

I don't know what this is or was but I've always liked it because it looks like an ancient jailhouse.

Robert Taitano graciously completed a wall hanging for little Napu (means "oceanwave"). Robert is a master carver and was commissioned to carve Bill Clinton's chair and presidential seal when he came to Guam in the 90's.



And more shells!!!!!! All are indigenious to Guam.

This thing sounded like a loud tugboat horn. I could hear it across the village. The blowing of the shells was sort of the ancient "cellphone". It was used for communication but also for ceremonies.


Gotta love the hawaiian (or ISLAND) print!

Local craftsmanship