Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forget the packing...let's go to the beach!

After several weeks of purging we were finally at the end of our preparation phase. The movers come tomorrow. There's nothing left to do but wait. So....why not 'wait' at the beach? Ryland, momma's little heart attack, is not one to back down from what the big boys are doing. If Logan and Tyler are running and jumping into the water, he needs to do the same...even if it means that he goes under again and again and again! That boy did not cry once even when he was coughing up salt water and his little eyes were red. Logan was on the hunt for hermit crabs with Tyler in tow. Who had to bring up the rear? Ryland. Another thing he's not afraid of were those hermit crabs. Remember way back when we tried to get Tyler to hold one and he thought it was just a shell until the shell grew legs? That ended with a scream and the crab was airborne. Not my Ry. He thought it was the funniest thing to see the little crab walking all over him.

Codemeister had to get in on the action even if it was unwillingly! His knee is pretty messed up and the vet said to exercise it by getting him to swim at the beach. That didn't go over so well but at least we tried. It took some coaxing to even get him in the water!
On the hunt for hermit crabs!
What you can't see here is a little bitty hermit crab right in between Ryland's hands. He had to lie down to get a better look at it. That was a close as Tyler would get to it. He kept saying, "I'm not scared anymore, I can hold it!" but when we would get it close to him he'd scream and pull away.
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