Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hooters comes to Guam!

We get pretty excited around here when a chain restaurant from the mainland opens up even if it is Hooters. This place is just like back in the states, half dressed women, ogling men and loud music...oh yeah, and the chicken wings (which Chris claim is why he comes...uh huh...yeah....). Chili's Restaurant also opened up at the same time. We haven't been there yet but have heard that it's a bit disappointing. Hooters was right on the mark.

My FL boy posing under a Clearwater, FL sign. Can't believe it's that far away!!
Ry was happy as long as he had his balloon.
Same goes for lil man.


Kim said...


I hope you don't mind me dropping a comment by your blog. I have been googling and googling and googling for DAYS because we are considering a PCS to Guam. I finally came across your blog and I would LOVE to chat with you, if you don't mind!

I couldn't seem to find an e-mail address.. but you can reach me through my own (old) blog if you'd like to!