Monday, January 19, 2009

Out at sea

The morning started out with bright smiles in anticipation for our boat ride. Our neighbor, Nick is the Commanding Officer of the USCG Washington and he invited aboard for a dependent's cruise. Everyone was very excited to go.

Nick and the crew treated us to doughnuts for breakfast which is always number one in the boys' book!
Beautiful view right before heading out to sea.

And that's the last of our pictures because I got sick and I mean SICK. I think my stomach is floating out there somewhere. The winds picked up and the boat started rocking. I did my best to keep the contents of my stomach where they belong by taking dramamine and anti-nausea medication but to no avail. I spent the rest of the time in Nick's cabin half drugged and sick. Not sure if I'll attempt that again. The boys had a great time and are still talking about it. L was disappointed that we didn't get to fish but it was just too rough and by the time we got back all I wanted to do was put my feet on dry land. He did get a lesson on driving the boat as well as charting their course on a map. He loved it! I think I see sailing in his future. Nick and the crew were all very welcoming and accommodating aboard their floating home and we appreciate their generosity. I have a greater understanding and appreciation for the men and women of the US Coast Guard. They spend a lot of time out to sea protecting our shores and away from family. It's a huge sacrifice that is not recognized enough. Thanks guys for a great time!
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