Friday, January 23, 2009

Boonie Stomping

It's been a while since I've posted any boonie stomping adventures which means it's been a while since I've done any! Tori and I were talking this morning and I happened to mention Geocaching which she's never heard of and I've always wanted to try. In order to do it you need a GPS because you are given coordinates to a secret cache or treasure box. Once you find it you can take whatever is in there as long as you replace it with something. Hunting for treasure....the exact phrase that made my boys jump up and run for the door! We looked for an easy to find place on the geocaching website, Nick grabbed his GPS and we were off. We drove around for a bit until we found the exact location that the box was hidden. Our only clue was that it was under a rock or tree. Gee....could it get any more vague?? I felt like I was searching for the hidden immunity idle on Survivor! We searched for awhile but no luck. Guess it will have to stay hidden for the next person to come along.

Next we headed to Champs for some burger fuel and to brainstorm where our next adventure would lead us. We decided on Fonte Dam which is a dam built in 1910 to supply the area with fresh drinking water. It was a fairly easy hike with a well worn path. The boys enjoyed it and are asking to do another hike. I think mama needs to get over this one first. ;-)

Beginning the hike to Fonte Dam.

Top of the dam. Notice the water down below...
Bottom of the dam. The bricks that the dam was constructed with were imported. I can't imagine having to lug it all the way there!
Fonte Dam/River
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