Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surf's Up

We went to see the movie Surf's Up. Don't bother if you have young children...actually even if you have older children. We weren't that impressed especially when a children's movie uses the word "sucks" and "peckerface". Not something that we want our kids repeating. It's sad that movies nowadays have to have adult humor in them. I don't remember my mom being concerned about me watching Lady and the Tramp although that kissing scene was a little steamy! ;-P
This coming week is 4th of July. I was a little disappointed to hear that there isn't much going on but then I remembered that I'm in a foreign country...duh. There is a big celebration at this place called Polaris Point which has one way in and one way out....sounds like a big ol' traffic jam to me. Chris and I aren't one for crowds so not sure if we are going to venture out or have a nice quiet cookout by ourselves. Logan also starts swim lessons again on the same day at 4:30. Was a little disappointed about that but a foreign country. Like they care about celebrating our independence. On the 21st is their celebration for liberation from Japanese occupation during WWII. I hear that the locals will camp out on the side of the road which is the parade route for up to TWO weeks to get a good spot. I suggested doing the same but Chris wasn't into it...haha!
Currently we are planning a big trip to Australia for next year. I would love to rent an RV and travel up and down the coast of Queensland but Chris isn't comfortable camping in a foreign country. So what if they drive on the opposite side of the road and we would have to fight off crocodiles, dingos and would be an adventure!!


Anonymous said...

Chris had no comment for the BLOG so Amy made it up....... :)


The Grys' said...

Why not camp with the dingo's? LOL

MOM said...

Mom to the rescue.......we know that if any kind of spider shows up uninvited that Amy would beat feet faster than you and the if it is a frog well....clearly you win hands down.
Miss you guys.......the boys just keep getting bigger picture to picture......LOVE MOM