Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mt Lam Lam

This is Chris and Lee, last Saturday (16 June 2007) they took a hike up to the tallest part on the island (1700 feet above sea level) to LAM LAM. They had quite the journey going through the think saw grass and jungle getting to the top of the Mt. Traveling through saw grass that was chest high, and scaling rocks like a rock climber.

Upon reaching the top they took some really nice photos of the island. Heading down was an entirely different story all together. They had a little mishap.

One other traveler not shown here but also working at the hospital was leading this little expedition of three down the last portion of the hike when he disappeared. Falling down a section of saw grass to another ledge or crater (yet to be determined) about 9 feet below. Chris and Lee turned to see that Tom was no where in sight but telling them he was OK and just needed to put his knee back into place before trying to figure out where he was.

After pulling poor Tom out of the massive ditch he fell into, they safely made it to the bottom with tons of stories to tell. Def a memorable moment on Guam.................. YEAH TO THE FEARLESS CLIMBERS :)

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Shelley said...

Glad they all made it out safe! Wouldn't be complete though for Chris without a good story to tell! LOL

Dad said...

I do not remember ever going on that mountain, of course I was in Guam for only 3 1/2 days. I only remember the Base, Barracks and a ton of shot the Navy guys gave us in order to go to Vietnam. Being a Marine I think we out numbered the Navy guys by 20 - 1. They took a lot pleasure in giving us the shots. I know I took at least 25 shot in the one day. I didn't get sick but a number of them did.


Kerry said...

Hey, I had to google you and Chris tonight to get to your blog. I REALLY need you to call me!! I have your old address and phone #, the new has crashed right along with the computer. I LOVE your blog, I have started one inspired by you. The boys are so cute, Jacob got a kick out of watching Ty putting his hiney on Logan. I se up a new email at thecaldwellsfive@yahoo.com
(We are moving to PA!!)