Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nature Center and Waterspray

I was feeling a little summertime cabin fever since it's been so hot. I woke up this morning on a mission to curb the fever with a little heat. I know, doesn't make sense to me either and I sorta figured it out when I was standing in the middle of it (the heat, that is!). Our first stop was Lichterman Nature Center. I've heard great things about this place so anticipation was high. We packed our lunches and away we went. The visitor's center was very informative with stuffed animals that are indigenous to the area. We picked up a family backpack for free (you had to leave your keys for collateral) and it was filled with tons of fun things to use outdoors plus games to familarize yourself with the plants and animals. The kids particularly liked the binoculars and the handheld songbird identifier.

Outside of the visitors center was a flock of canadian geese. I'm not really a fan of these guys because I've seen them chase people. I was prepared to beat them off with our backpack if they got close but fortunately for me, and the geese, they were tame. Some of the other visitors had brought crackers to feed them. When the crackers were all gobbled up they just sort of walked behind us waiting for more handouts. Tyler didn't really enjoy this but got used to them. After we ate our lunch the geese appeared. Ty was chompin' on some cheez-its and decides he's brave enough to throw one to the geese. Of course they immediately flock to his side, he dumps the crackers and runs. I nearly peed myself laughing.

We were there just in time to watch a hawk feeding which was none too pretty, let me tell you. Thankfully the little mice were dead. It was all I could muster to keep from gagging when the tail was hanging out of it's beak.

A few of the moms and I got to talking and they told me about a water "park" not far from where we were so I piled the kids in the van and went in search for some cool off time. After Mrs. GPS directing, I made my way to the mecca of water "spray" parks and it was FREE. You can't beat that. The baby was not dressed for waterplay (don't ask me why) but that did not stop him from getting in on the fun. Too bad he sucked up half the water with his diaper. We spent an hour there and then it was back home with a little detour to Wendy's for a frosty. Good times.

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