Saturday, June 14, 2008

Farewell friends...

We said good bye to our good friends, the Pattons, tonight. We spent the day at the hotel they stayed at, the PIC. It's a favorite of ours and the boys got some good pool time. Afterwards we went to our favorite italian restaurant, Vitales and then to get ice cream. We had a really nice time. They've been such good friends to us and we will miss them so much. Theresa came over at 3 am to watch the boys when I went into labor. She and her girls have babysat countless times when I needed a break. Being on Guam means missing your family but thankfully we had the Patton's as our navy "family". They will be missed!

Ryland was a little tired from his eventful day at the pool to stay awake for a picture!
Logan, my little photographer, took this picture. He told us how to pose and Tyler stood next to him trying to get us to smile! He kept saying, "Now say cheeeeese!"