Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When it rains, go hiking!

The boys and I were looking for something to do yesterday so we decided to go explore the base. There is a lot of nookies and crannies to find here and we took full advantage of it. First we went to the Sumay village cemetary. I explained to the boys what it was and we paid our respects to those who came before us. Then we decided to check out some of the caves left from the Japanese occupation. The Japanese used forced labor to build a series of four caves, all interlocking, in the side of a cliff. We started to climb up a rope to see into the cave but it started to rain pretty hard so we had to leave and save that for another day.
Next we drove towards the beach and I had intended on going to a cliff so the boys could look out across the ocean but the road was blocked. I pulled over just past the sign and started taking pictures of some chickens (It still cracks me up that there are chickens and boonie dogs on base!) when a white truck started towards us. He was driving by but I used it as my opportunity for yet another adventure....yes I do have a WILD imagination. I told the boys that they were coming after us to give me a ticket for going past the do not enter sign. I quickly jumped in the van and proceeded to drive quickly down the road...with the white truck "following". I took a short cut down a gravel path to the old flightline. A big blue mac truck was driving back and forth on the flightline so I told the boys that he was the boss of the person in the white truck knowing full well that he was at the end of the road and had to turn around (and follow us!). The boys totally ate this up. Once we got onto the real road I told them to be on the lookout for the white truck (for those of you that haven't been here, the white trucks are everywhere because they work for housing!). We saw several and each time the boys would start yelling "There he is!!!". It was a hilarious time for all of us.

We had fun painting some rocks.
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