Sunday, September 23, 2007


Logan was begging me all morning to let him hold Ryland. I finally agreed and had a hard time getting him
back! Tyler had to get in on the action too although Logan had to be right there to observe everything
and make sure that he was doing it right. I only wonder when Ryland is going to start protesting all of this "loving" that he's getting from his big brothers. *See more pics in album*

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Robb & Shelley said...

How sweet are those brothers?! I love it! Can't believe how grown up Logan and Tyler look. Let me just say you have a car full now! LOL Robb heard about the ordinances at work but didn't realize how close it was to you. We love you guys!!!

MOM said...

Great pictures...we loved them all. The three car seats is so darn cute......Give them all hugs and kisses from us....Love and Miss You Mom and Dad

Laurie said...

Look at those boys!!! Logan and Tyler look so proud holding their little brother! They are such good looking kids, btw....your doctor is kinda cute too!! hehehe...Love and miss you all lots!!! Mom in SC